Fenice technological epicenter has been studied to amaze and to hold all the technology and devices of houses, offices and yachts.

Fenice D represents originality and exclusivity. Realized with two sheets of bronze mirrored glass, same for the two frontal panels of the Accordo Fa positioned on top of the base. The base as well as the wall is in natural walnut wood. The system is composed of four elements that can be combined together to create infinite custom solutions.
When turned off it’s simply a high quality and design living room furniture, turned on it becomes a complete center of technology that eliminates all unsightly cables and technological devices. Storage unit which allows you to hide the technology through a special frontal glass that permits the control of the sources by IR remote control.
Materials and finishings:
  • Structure in wood and stainless steel
  • TV container in tempered glass in the following finishes: Bronze, Grey, and Super Silver mirror, black white or sample colored glass.
  • All metallic and fitting parts in stainless steel.
  • Base and wall finishes in gloss ot mat lacquer, wood, leather or per sample.
  • Speakers and subwoofer realized by Blumont and specifically studies for an easy and pleasant sound. It is also possible to insert the speakers the client prefers.